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Terms of use and Privacy statement

Terms of use


In the terms of use and in the privacy notice the following definitions are used:

  • Terms: The terms of use and the privacy notice
  • Service: This online service operating in domain which is offered by Norminet Oy (VAT FI29440448).
  • User: The other party to the terms, i.e. a person who uses the Service either with or without a user account.
  • User content: Content and information entered into the service by the user, such as texts, images, videos and other information.
  • The first person plural "we" refers to the service provider Norminet Oy.


These terms of use apply to the use of Service.

Service description

The service is a search engine equipped with a reputation system, where the user can rate items and get results that match their values and opinions.

Acceptance of Terms

Use of the service requires acceptance of the Terms. If you do not agree to comply with the terms of use or accept the privacy notice, then you may not use Service.

Prohibited use

Material that violates sexual decency is prohibited. It is forbidden to offer or market sexual services. It is forbidden to share links behind which the site engages in sex trade or distributes pornography. Any material that threatens, slanders or insults a group on the basis of race, skin color, ancestry, national or ethnic origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation or disability, or on other comparable grounds, is prohibited.

In addition, it is prohibited: a) Dissemination of information that violates privacy b) Dissemination of information that violates copyright or other intellectual property rights. c) Denigrating another or presenting false information or insinuations about another.

It is forbidden to carry out denial-of-service attacks or other load on Service that deviates from normal use without our written permission.

Changes to terms and conditions

We may change the Terms unilaterally at any time. After the change of the terms of use, the use of the Service requires acceptance of the new terms. The User will be informed of the change in terms. The new terms completely replace the old terms. These Terms are valid from 08.03.2024 and replace the previous terms.

Use of the service

The user must be of legal age.

The user undertakes to comply with Finnish law and local law when using the service.

The user is responsible for the activities performed on his user account.

The User grants us the right to store, delete, use, edit and share all User Content. By entering content into the Service, the User confirms that he has the right to grant these rights regarding the content he enters.

Restrictions on use

We reserve all usage, copyright, and other rights, unless otherwise stated in writing regarding the transfer of rights.

Termination of use of the service

We may block the use of Service, delete the User's user account or User Content without prior warning for any reason and for any length of time. The user's user account can be deleted as a result of a violation of the terms of use. The User can stop using the service by deleting their user account and User Content from the Service. We are not responsible for a possible delay in stopping the use of Service caused by a technical problem.

Advertising users

We are not responsible for what advertising users do or don't do. We do not manage or monitor the activities of advertisers. The advertiser acts independently and at his own risk. We are not bound by the offer made by the advertiser or any other benefit or right offered by the advertiser. A campaign, offer or other publication made by an advertiser does not constitute a contract between us and the user. The advertiser is responsible for the legality of the campaigns and offers they make and that the claims made in connection with them are true or that they will come true. We are not responsible for whether the offer or publication made by the advertiser complies with consumer protection acts. We are not responsible if the advertiser's campaign concerns products that are product counterfeits, violate copyrights or neighboring rights, or if the products or services are otherwise illegal. We are not responsible if the offered products or services infringe copyright, patent, design right, trademark, or any other intangible right. Offers or campaigns that violate such rights are prohibited. We reserve the right to remove advertising rights from a user for any reason.

Paid subscriptions

Paid ordering does not give the user the right to receive a specific service, product, discount or any other monetary benefit. Paid subscription is optional. A user who has started a paid subscription can stop continuing the subscription. The paid subscription period cannot be returned and cannot be exchanged for another monetary benefit. A paid subscription does not give the buyer any rights other than to receive the features mentioned in the description of the subscription in his user account, and we have no other obligations than to provide the features in question. We may terminate your subscription and remove associated features without refund for past time. We reserve the right to change the content and pricing of orders.


The service is delivered as is. We do not guarantee that the Service will work as announced, expected or desired. The use of the service is at the User's own risk. We do not compensate for mental, physical, financial or other harm that may occur in connection with the use of the Service. The service may contain shocking content. We are not responsible for opinions or statements made by users.

Application of Terms

If part of the Terms is in conflict with legislation, Terms apply to the maximum extent permitted by law.


We reserve the right to limit the use of Service arbitrarily. We reserve the right to make changes to these rules.

Contact information

In matters related to the terms of use, you can contact the e-mail address

Privacy notice

Who collects and processes data

Data is collected and processed by Norminet Oy (VAT FI29440448).

What data do we collect

We collect information that the user enters into the service, such as the user's username, email address, filled forms, messages, publications, attitude information, texts and images (User Content). We also automatically collect information: IP address, number of requests, amount of transferred data, and the page address (URL). Session data and encryption data are stored in cookies or in storage comparable to them on the user's device. We do not store user-associated search history.

If the user creates a user account through third-party authentication, such as by using their Google account, we also receive the user's name and email address from this third party.

How we process the data

We enable the smooth operation of the service with the collected data. Search terms are processed to return results. The e-mail address can be used for logging in, resetting the password, contacting and reporting service events. Automatically collected data is used to identify and prevent intentional interference with the service and to detect and fix errors.

The attitude data entered by the user is combined with attitude data entered by other users in an algorithm that calculates reputations for the items in question. Reputations affect the search results of users. Attitude data can also be used in a search where the user is provided with results of other users who have attitudes similar to the searching user.

How we share the data

Due to the nature of the service, some of the collected data is available to other users through the normal use of the service, such as the information that the user has entered in his profile. We cannot control how other users store or share the information they receive through the service. User data is not separately shared with a third party, unless it is specifically mentioned or the law requires it.

Attitudes set by the user to be public can be shown to other users of the service. User's profile can be displayed along with his/her public attitude.

The user's non-public attitudes can be combined with the attitudes of other users and shown to other users as an anonymized reputation.

How long we store the data

The User Content available in the service can remain until the user separately deletes individual information or deletes his entire user account, in which case all available User Content will be deleted. Data related to the user can remain in backups for a maximum of one month after deletion. The session and encryption data is removed from standard browsers when the user logs out of their user account.

How to check, update or delete your data

First, check the settings and account pages to see if the function you are looking for is available there. If not, you can contact the email address to check, update or delete the collected data. We strive to provide granular control over all your data. You can delete the user account on the settings page.


In matters related to the privacy notice, contact should be made to the e-mail address